We just returned from a family reunion campout. My cousin showed up with a gorgeous renovated retro camping trailer. On the outside it’s boring. On the inside it’s magnificent — a vision in 1950s white and aqua, with an adorable little retro microwave in chrome and aqua, which makes little sense since microwaves aren’t retro.


camp (Photo credit: tw3k)

I am similarly inspired to fancy-up the insides of my little motorcycle trailer (we don’t own a motorcycle. It’s a really small trailer). Yesterday I bought scarves at a thrift store. The day before I sorted through themed pictures online and created a huge scrapbook of ideas that I want to do but probably never will.

If you want to find out more about glamping (glamor camping) there’s tons of info on the web. It’s a hot new hobby.

If you want to rip off all my ideas for my glamper, go find my Pinterest board and use my inspiration to make your glamper really cool while mine continues to sit neglected in the driveway, unrenovated, unimproved, unfun. (And it’s probably raining outside)


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