Some lovely friends are dying

English: Cancer patient in hospital with neutr...

English: Cancer patient in hospital with neutropenia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hate that good people often die young.

I hate that I can’t stop it.

I hate that death rips families apart.

I hate knowing someone’s dying. And I hate when they die before I knew they were going to. I hate knowing someone’s dying and thinking I had a couple more years or months or weeks or days… and then finding out they died right before our planned visit. That’s happened a few times.

I hate the fact that I can research anything on the internet — like cancer, cancer fighting strategies, cancer diets, cancer prevention, cancer coping strategies, cancer patient care, cancer cures, cancer prayers, and a million other topics, but I can’t find the definitive answer on any of the sites. It’s all speculation. Some studies back up some of it, but no source seems to be 100% credible when you consider the entire range of topics they cover.

I hate it when people I love face extraordinarily difficult challenges in this world — illness, loss, pain, fear.

I like knowing that I believe there’s something good that follows this world. I wish everyone else believed it too — because it’d ease the pain that death brings.


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